Saturday, February 13, 2010

About Us - Alien Mind Girl

This is me, also from a place we found behind Cuppies and Joe. You may not be able to tell, but this house that they were rebuilding was really cool! I hope they finish it. I work downtown and live in NW OKC. I'm an environmental specialist and a performer. I'm married. I'm happy. I haven't lived in OKC my whole life - I went away for college - but  I've spent most of it here. It's fun to watch things change; the city really has a soul of its own, given to it by its people. The things I admire in our city revolve around it's art culture (which has had a nice renaissance in the last few years) and it's history. I adore old buildings with great architecture, which is why a lot of my posts revolve around downtown, where many of the buildings are dated 1900-1930. I also love innovative, independently-owned businesses like Cuppies and Joe. With cozy places like this, why go to Starbucks? This is why I try to link my posts when possible. I like to give credit where it's due, and to share these cool places with people. We are the ones who keep them open, after all. And there's no reason why a photo blog should not share more of the wealth of the city than only photos.


  1. I agree with your philosophy! You would enjoy our town's downtown architecture.

  2. Hi AMG, Nice to meet you also. I look forward to seeing the things that you find in your city.