Sunday, February 21, 2010


It's Alien Mind Girl again! Miss me?

 I love working downtown. During lunch one day, a co-worker and I made the short drive to the OKC Museum of Art to see a new temporary exhibit, Anti-Gravity by artist Jason Peters. This is one of the pieces. No words can really describe it. You walk into this huge dark room, and it's filled with all these faintly glowing structures. There are mirrors placed along the floor and ceiling and walls to make it feel as if it goes on forever. I thought that at any moment I would run into a giant caterpillar smoking a hookah, and it was mildly challenging to hold onto my sense of spatial awareness.  My camera is finicky with low light shots, but I thought this one turned out pretty decent. My co-worker took a really cool picture of another piece, which I'll put up later as a guest post.

And I have a new addition to my family to show off! This is Samson. He's not an OKC native - we picked him up from Broken Arrow the other night.

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