Saturday, February 6, 2010


Happy weekend, everyone! I hope you all have fabulous plans. This weekend has yet to happen (although it started off fabulously - I went to the ballet last night!), but last weekend was fun. This picture is from an art fund-raising event I attended at City Arts Center last Friday. They had some excellent art, tasty food, good performances, and... an Art-O-Mat! It's an old cigarette machine filled with art. Put in five dollars, get some art. I bought two pieces from it. For myself, I got some earrings, and for my husband? A robot. Art-O-Mat is a cool nationwide project. You can apply to get your own art-o-mat or to get your art sold from an art-o-mat.

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  1. Not much pink out there on City Daily Photo today! I'll take two packs right now! Beautiful!