Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Murrah Memorial Artist


I work next door to the Oklahoma City National Memorial, and I actually like that - it was surreal for a short period, as I am plenty old enough to remember the bombing and was living here at the time - but now I appreciate being around it daily. I think the Memorial changes more with the seasons than any other structure. I also think that the world has probably seen about 10,000 photographs of the reflecting pool and I will not make this 10,001. Part of the Memorial is the Plaza, which is just what it sounds like. The plaza that was attached to the original building. This is the part of the memorial I visit most often on my walks because it's the least visited portion (hopefully this makes sense to you). These steps go up to the plaza terrace, and I was amused to find that some artist had adorned them with a smiley face. I'd have been pretty ticked off had it been spray paint, but since it was chalk, all was forgiven, and I thought it worthy of a photo. Here you go, then. Part of the Memorial that you may never have noticed otherwise: the belly of the stairwell, complete with free cheer.

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