Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Very Important Place

There's something very important about the Store Club, and that is: it is by Coit's. And no one but us has this wonderful thing. Every town has those hallmark businesses - the places that have been there since before dirt, the places that all the locals know about it and the non-locals ignore. This is Coit's. It's been here for fifty years. It's got a drive-in like Sonic does, but there the similarity ends. They also have an inside diner. They brew their own incredible root beer and serve it in iced mugs. They cook biscuits smothered in gravy for breakfast, a good chicken fry steak, huge onion rings, and cherry red franks swimming in chili. My mom never liked Coit's,  but Dad and us kids loved it. He sometimes took us here to eat in order to get us out of her hair when she wasn't feeling well, and it was always a treat. We tried to get through as much root beer as we possibly could. If you like unhealthy, American and southern food... go to Coit's! They're on NW 50th and Portland.

I was unable to get an angle that did the place justice without getting in someone's way.

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  1. Hey, thanks. I love to get tips from locals on where to eat when traveling. Next time we are in OKC we will try it out.