Friday, April 9, 2010

For Lease #3

So this Pioneer Pies restaurant on NW Expressway has been closed for years. I used to go here when I was younger with my parents, and I still wish they were open every September because I want to buy my dad a birthday pie. They were really delicious. It seems that all my favorite, locally-owned pie shops have closed, and I've nothing to replace them with but chain restaurant pies. To be fair, I have recently heard that there is another Pioneer Pies location still open on the south side. If you know anything about OKC, there is a big difference in travel time between the far NW and far SW side of town. They may as well be two different cities. However... I may check it out anyway when Dad's birthday comes again. They were super good. Meanwhile, I feel nostalgic every time I look at this empty parking lot and want a banana cream pie.

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