Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Storm Front

Last Sunday after linner (you know, in between lunch and dinner), I stood in the front yard and took a picture of this lovely storm front. Pretty blue skies and puffy calm clouds to the left, doom to the right. Just behind me was this lovely wall cloud.
After I took these, the sky turned green and it started to rain. I may be an Okie, but I took that as a cue to go inside and clean out the coat closet rather than standing around getting the camera wet. This storm, like the storm we had the week before, produced baseball- and softball-sized hail. The biggest recorded hailstone so far in recent weeks was 4.25 inches diameter! The large hail missed our house by just a few miles; we got the baby size hail. Our town's insurance companies are going to be very busy in the coming weeks.  I know a guy whose car was totaled, and my co-blogger will have to replace her brand new roof. Us, we are unscathed for now, but similar giant hail is predicted for the state tomorrow. I've lived in Oklahoma for 28 years and cannot recall ever seeing this much ridiculously huge hail. If I get clobbered with it, I'll take a good picture for you! (You know, within reason)

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