Sunday, May 16, 2010

Will Rogers Botanical Gardens and Arboretum

Will Rogers Botanical Gardens and Arboretum (locally known as Will Rogers Park) is on NW 23rd and Meridian. The employees at the park grow plants for parks and other city property all over town, and the facility is also host to some local garden clubs. Most notably, it has a duck pond, an extensive rose garden, large iris garden, and a good sized arboretum. The roses and irises are both in bloom right now, so the park was packed with photographers when we took the dogs there for a walk. Photographers flock here during good weather because they aren't charged a usage fee for taking photos. The family above is taking portraits on a little patio between the rose garden and duck pond. I hope they turned out great!

Because I love them, here are extras.

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  1. Will Rogers Park is on the northeast corner of Portland and 36.