Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fairlawn 1: At Rest

When I was entertaining some friends from Alaska, they asked me to show them something "old and cool" that they didn't have at home. I took them to Fairlawn Cemetery. They loved it... and so do I. I know that not everyone is into reminders of mortality, but here's the lowdown. Fairlawn is the oldest cemetery I'm aware of in the OKC metro. It is so old that it's segregated into white, black, and Jewish burial grounds. It's the only place in Oklahoma where I've seen above ground crypts. It's full of lovely statuary and history. If you know anything of Oklahoma history, it also has a veritable who's who of Oklahoma history buried within: The Overholsers, the Kirkpatricks, the Skirvins, and others. I love the place, and I'll promise not to fill a whole week with it.  The crypt below is rumored to be haunted. I think it looks like something out of a Poe story.


  1. Is this the cemetery next to First Presbyterian Church?

  2. I think so... not sure what the name of that church is. Big, pretty gray church.

  3. That's it. On 36th street, I think?