Thursday, October 7, 2010

He Was Taken to the Cleaners

Ok, this may not LOOK that creepy in the picture (maybe I need to photoshop in some Halloween blood or something), but it IS!!
This is something I've seen in passing for months, but I drove by here on Tuesday to give it a closer look out of curiosity, not expecting it to be creepy at all, and now I have to paste it as a Halloween image. This is one of the drive-thru windows of an abandoned Nuway dry cleaners business - a BIG one. I honestly can't imagine why a dry cleaner ever needed that much space unless they were the only dry cleaner in the state of Oklahoma. But they apparently did. It's got all this retro 50s architecture, and the drive thru windows and the side of the building has all sorts of junk pasted to it (along with an equally faded "Coming Soon! Thrift store!" sign). The junk includes random stuff like Disney stickers and kids' homework assignments, directions for origami... but also a bunch of creepy violent stuff. Newspaper articles on murders and Satanic cults, guns, something that has "I'm Perfect" as a headline, etc. (And of course Muslims - insert eye roll - yay, current day McCarthyism), half of them with random or not-so-random comments scribbled over them in capital letters (like "GOLDEN COW").  Even though it seems pretty obvious that this was done by some bored teenagers, I still found it very spooky. It looks like that billboard fictional serial killers always keep in the movies and on TV.

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