Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lucky Shot 2

I took this picture shortly after the other "Lucky Shot" photo, and I *do* know where this is. This is on NW 10th and May-ish. I like this sign, and I want to visit this antique shop. I always look at it and think, how perfect: A sign that says "Antiques" that has been around so long that it doesn't even say "Antiques" anymore. It just makes me feel certain there are treasures inside!

On a completely non-related to OKC pictures note, my baby brother turns 21 today. He doesn't read this blog, but as his big sister, it is my job to set up embarassing situations for him - because I love my kid brother, and that's what sisters do. This was on his way to senior prom, giving my camera his "sexy face."  This might be my favorite picture of him. I like to giggle at it. I figured you wouldn't mind being part of the gag. You know how 21 is - it's an important one!

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