Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowy Monday


It's supposed to snow today. Again. And while I have lots of cool pics of the 07 ice storm, this one is of our backyard during the exciting storm we had just two weeks ago. I decided to use this picture because this is an Okie picture blog, and there's not much more Okie than cow skulls. Unless you stick, maybe, a cowboy eating hot chili, or a plate of yummy fried okra or something... sitting next to it... and a sprig of poison ivy. We actually have 3 or 4 of these cow heads.. I proudly brought two of them home one weekend. The hubby looked at me, stunned, and said "...But I was just about to go pick up MY cow heads from Moma's house!!"  Somehow, I managed to marry someone else with a habit of dragging home dead bits of animals - did not even know it until that moment.

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  1. LOL Y'all too? Maybe I'll get brave enough to post a picture of our cow skull now!