Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Fun!! (Arcade)

I know that it's Tuesday by now, but I still want to play, don't you? This is the arcade at Tinsel Town, the multiplex theater in the Adventure District (circa NE 50th and Martin Luther King Dr.). I took this when we went to go see Avatar. I also have some pictures of the hubby playing in the arcade, hard at work shooting zombies with a big green plastic shotgun, but I'm still not sure about posting pictures of people. I'm cautious of turning it to either a family photo album, or including pictures of people who'd rather not be included. On the other hand, people are the heartbeat of the city.  Thoughts?

Anyhow, Tinsel Town was the first big multiplex theater built in OKC. It went up with a bang, stadium seating, pretty lights and all that fanciness, and put several other theaters out of business. Within two years, however, it was already outdated... other multiplexes with newer technology went up, and now Tinsel Town is one of the cheapest theaters around with $3.75 matinees. Close to dollar movie prices with most of the regular amenities (like cleanliness and good chairs). Because of this, it's our favorite theater.


  1. People are interesting. If they are in a public place and you aren't taking a portrait type picture, why not? I try to take it from far enough away that the person will probably not be recognized. If it is a close up, I ask if they mind if I take a picture. Most don't mind. Some would rather not be posted on the web, so I don't. Now and then, I post a picture of a family member but not so much that it gets boring. You are right though, people are the heartbeat of the city.

  2. I remember when the movie theater opened also. It was such a big deal and everyone thought it was so exciting.

    The pic is beautiful, btw. I'm in love with the colors.