Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Devon Construction + Folks

This is also a picture of the construction site. The construction is in a deep pit on the other side of that concrete barrier. I really like this picture because it's a good shot of downtown scenery, and then you have jogging girls... and construction guys watching jogging girls... (isn't that the way it always goes?).

Ok, so really, across the street here is the Myriad Gardens, so aside from the joggers you have me and some other guy taking photos, and a family and a couple sitting on benches, eating sandwiches, staring at the construction guys... so really it's a staredown between the nosy garden loiterers and the construction guys. (Heck, maybe they WERE just watching the ladies jog...)


  1. Oklahoma City used to be a small place or was when I was there in 1952. I am sure I would be dumbfounded if I got off of a greyhound bus there today.

  2. Ah, could be. Change happens fast, and that's a lot of time for it! Thank you for stopping by. :)