Monday, April 5, 2010

Devon Energy Building Construction

It's Monday - back to work!  Are you going to work as hard as these guys?

I had to look hard to find a view down into this construction pit, because it is blocked off by tall barricades almost the entire way around. This is the start of foundation construction for the new Devon Energy building. The building will be 50 stories tall. Our current tallest building is the Chase Tower at 36 stories. It will certainly be changing our city forever.  I just hope they also build a parking garage to go with it...


  1. Look at all the good they could be doing with this money other than spending it on this 50 story monument to greed.

  2. Look how how many people would lose a good paying job at a company that treats them fairly and with respect if they had built in another city. Devon is one of the top supporters for the continued economic growth of Oklahoma City and a huge supporter of the non-profit community. They are one of the most generous corporations in the OKC area. And I am sure they contribute more to the betterment of this community - both financially and through time devoted to community service - then the majority of OKC residents. Did you do any research at all before posting your comment?