Saturday, April 3, 2010

OU Medieval Faire

So this is where I was last Saturday - the OU Medieval Faire in Norman. Unfortunately, last Saturday was frigid and rainy. Most of the stages were empty, and some of the vendors closed early. I glimpsed one of my favorite performers, Wrapsody, joking with the audience (presumably about how she can or cannot perform fire breathing in the rain).  Were it not raining, I could have photographed them doing something cool. But alas.

Also, last weekend is a perfect example of how stuff happens in OKC whether or not others are aware of it. I hear a lot of complaining about how there is "nothing to do in Oklahoma," but I think these people are either too lazy to look for something to do or don't know where to look. Last weekend there was the OU Medieval Faire, an erotic art show/fetish ball called Biting the Apple, a Kaleidoscope dance performance, an Oklahoma City Ballet choreography showcase, and a cabaret show... on top of the things that happen all the time. And these are only the things I was aware of. For the record, I managed to attend only three of those events: I'm only human.

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