Monday, May 31, 2010

Cow Car

Happy Memorial Day! I suppose I should have a picture of an American flag or something here, but instead I have this picture of the interior of a classic car decorated in black and white. My Memorial Day three-day weekend has been filled with all sorts of fun, time with old friends, a birthday party, a wedding, a festival, outdoor concerts, a car show, movies, and errands. I am thankful for all the veterans and other service workers who have built the country that has made all this fun so easy for me to participate in as I live my life. I stumbled upon a small classic car show on my way home and had to stop and admire them and take a few shots. There was also a band, and they were pretty groovy. I took several good photos, but this one is my favorite, and no one jumped me for sticking my arm inside their precious car to take it.

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