Monday, January 3, 2011

Aspen Athletic Club

This is the  Aspen Athletic Club. It's located at the Penn Square Mall. I go there all the time and pay the place no attention (It's connectected to the mall, but it has a seperate entrance from it). Well I did yesterday and I even went in and looked around. It has three floors, only the top two are used and it has a beauituful yellow, purple and green color scheme on the inside.

It's much larger than any of they Y's that I've been too. If you're a weight lifting enthusiast this place is for you. They also seemed to have a great selection of yoga classes: Hot yoga and power yoga!

The Day Care Room (Taken with my iPod)
The Hot Yoga Room

Extra Notes:
-I was shown around by a sales rep (Randy) but he didn't give me any heavy sales pitch. I was in and out in five minutes.
-Right now they are having a $19/month special
-Day care is $10 extra
-A day pass is $13.  I might buy one of these and try the hot yoga.
-They also have a class called "Treading" that are on treadmills. I've never heard of that before.  That's another cool reason to buy the day pass.
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