Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Month

I'm-a gonna tell you a secret. I know that zombies are totally "in" right now as far as horror, sci-fi, and Halloween goes... but I hate zombies. Seriously, they make me wanna throw up in my mouth a little bit. Fido and Sean of the Dead were hilarious, and so was that movie with the guy who was obsessed with Twinkies, whatever it was called... but zombies are nasty. When my husband dressed as a zombie one Halloween I absolutely forbade he touch me until after the party and he was washed up. I mean really. GROSS. EW. You see him up there? No way am I snuggling THAT.

Anyhow, did you know that Halloween is a whole month long? We here in the OKC celebrate Halloween from Oct 1 to Nov 6, that's how much we love Halloween. In fact, OKC hosts one of the country's only after dark Halloween parades, Ghouls Gone Wild, featuring its finale, the Flaming Lips' "March of 1000 Skeletons". So I'm gonna try to make all of my October posts Halloween or spooky/haunted related. Wish me luck! I apparently lost the photos I took on the haunted OKC tour a few years back - so sad! I don't even think that tour is operational anymore.

Here are links to past posts OKC Images has featured of haunted places!
The Rupert-Pennington Tomb
The Marion
The Skirvin Hilton

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